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Wow! Thank you so much for an opportunity to speak with Vanessa. She was warm, kind and very direct, which I loved. She was quite accurate too. I am also glad to have received clarity on certain things. Glad to be able to connect to the spirit world. Thank you.
– M.O.,  June 4, 2017

Hi Ann,
Please let Vanessa know how much my wife and I appreciate the call with her this morning. There were a lot of answers and a lot to think about. I am glad that I was able to speak to Vanessa and learn so many things. We do look forward to the future with a sense of reassurance. Thank you very much and God bless both of you and your families!
– Jose N.,  May 22, 2017

Hello Vanessa,
I'm a loyal listener of the Improper Etiquette podcast, and heard you on the podcast today. I was amazed by your undeniable gift. It was truly enlightening and inspiring to listen to you on the podcast. Sincerely,
– Alex, April 4, 2017

Hi Vanessa,
I just wanted to say "thank you" for your reading. I was a bit speechless because you got things so accurately. It sort of put me at a loss for words, which is why my questions were so slow. You got it before I could ask! Anyway I wanted to say "thank you." Your words gave me some much needed hope. I wish you well and I appreciate your willingness to share your gift.
– Lori, April 2, 2017

Re: Reading with Vanessa
Just want to say thanks! She was very spot on with everything. I will definitely come back for another read.
– D. B., March 20, 2017

Hi Vanessa,
Thank you so much for speaking with me earlier this evening.  It was fascinating, and you gave me a lot to think about.
– Tonya F.

Justin Livingston (@justinliv) tweeted at 11:21 am – 24 Jan 14: 
Had my tarot read with @SHADOWPR – it was insanely amazing! Check out Vanessa at

Hi Vanessa,
I meant to write you yesterday. I just wanted you to know how much i appreciated our talk and your reading. You have been very helpful and I so appreciate having found you. I loved our last moments of the conversation where you refocused me on gratitude. It’s the truth and you pointed me back in the right direction. I have so much, and this moment will pass, I know it. Thank you. I am very grateful.
– Wendy

You are so special and so gifted. You must know how much peace and light you bring to people when they need it the most. I am so thankful to know you.
– Ronni

I just needed to tell you...My husband got the job that he interviewed for back in January!! It played out almost exactly the way you told me it would. You are amazing. I cannot thank you enough for helping me to stay calm during this time period when everything was so up in the air. You grounded me and gave me hope that things were going to work out, and I very much appreciate it. You are definitely my go-to girl. You have a gift that truly helps others, and a kind disposition that also helps.Thank you, Vanessa! Llook forward to hearing from you.
– Ann

Dear Vanessa,
I find myself at a crucial career crossroads right now, and a reading would really help. I've researched on the web, and you were consistently mentioned as a top psychic here in NYC, so I'm hoping to schedule an appointment with you in the near future. Thanks so much, Vanessa, and I hope to do a reading with you soon. Cheers!
 – Robert

I did go to someone named Vanessa Facciola who was written up in the Post. She blew me away – I was speechless. She was absolutely matter-of-fact but 100% accurate about everything. It was like turning on a human navigation system.
–  Posted by: selena1717 on Monday, 4/23/12

Dear Vanessa,
Thank you for your reading, which only confirms my experience of you as a person of deep spirituality and integrity. Thank you so much.
– Carole

Hi Vanessa,
I just wanted to let you know I am PREGNANT! You're reading was spot on! WOW! I am in shock and so happy. Thank you for re-igniting hope!
– Brandy